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Generation No. 1  (to table of contents)

1. Ronald Clifford Alexander, born in Portland, OR. He was the son of 2. Raymond Eugene Alexander and 3. Arlene Katherine Bertha Schmeckpepper (German: first in her family born in America).

We have no children. My sister Barbara has one son, Jesse. My brother Bruce has two daughters, Anastasia Kay who has a daughter Mellisa, and Penelope Jean who has two sons, Jacob alan and Bradley Scott.

Generation No. 2  (to table of contents)

2. Raymond Eugene Alexander, born 12 February 1910 in Fairfield, MO.; now living in Las Vegas, NV, with wife Arlene. He was the son of 4. Birche Clyde Alexander and 5. Edith McKenzie (aka Ma,) both deceased (Ma named me after Ronald McKenzie, the post Civil War raider).

3. Arlene Katherine Bertha Schmeckpepper, born 1920; youngest child, and 1st of family born in US. She was the daughter of 6. Grandpa Schmeckpepper and 7. Katherine (Grandma Kate,) both deceased.

Children of Raymond Eugene Alexander and Arlene Katherine Bertha Schmeckpepper are:

i. Barbara Kay Alexander, born 6/17/1948; married Steve Sook in Portland, OR (Squamish).

ii. Ronald Clifford Alexander, born 9/20/1949; married Addie Lee Joncas 22 april 1972 in Portland, OR.

iii. Bruce Cameron Alexander, born 7/12/1953; married various in Portland, OR.

Generation No. 3  (to table of contents)

4. Birche Clyde Alexander, born ??? in Benton Co, MO.

5. Edith McKenzie, born ??? in the South. Ma told us stories about the family when we were kids, although Mom stopped it when the ghost stories were too intense... she especially liked to point out that I was named after Col. Ronald McKenzie, who wouldn't surrender after the War of Liberation (aka Civil War.) Ma used to tell stories about the Eoff cousins (a German way of spelling Jeff, but pronounced Oaf), and there was some mariage with "local" poeple before she was born (Indians).

6. Grandpa Schmeckpepper (German)

7. Katherine (Grandma Kate: German).

Generation No. 4  (to table of contents)

8. Grandpa Frank Alexander, born MO. Son of 9. John Alexander and 10. Dicie Cox (Osage)

Generation No. 5  (to table of contents)

9. John Alexander, born MO. Son of 11. Judge George Alexander.

10. Dicie Cox (Osage)

Generation No. 6  (to table of contents)

11. Judge George Alexander, born 1776, NC. Son of 12. Thomas T. Alexander and 13. Eureth.

Generation No. 7  (to table of contents)

12. Thomas T. Alexander, born in 1730s, NC. 1st generation US, from Canada. He (or his father Thomas Sr?) was supposed to have been third generation American... they didn't differentiate Canada and the southern Colonies back then, before the Revolution.

13. Eureth (Cherokee?)

Generation No. 8  (to table of contents)

The story goes that the family came over originally to Canada, and migrated to the Carolinas as family to work as planters for the Alexanders of Va. Permanent structures were in place some time around 1700, having been fairly mobile for the times in holding land ourselves in N. Carolina, since about 1650. Sounds good, since the move to MO from N. Carolina also took two generations, too, beginning about 1800, and ending with buildings in place about 1833. Stories have come down about crossing the Missouri River with wagons, and earlier crossing the St. Laurence. Before the Alexanders came to be Prime Ministers and whatnot in Canada, they came from Scotland.

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