Source: International Myotonic Dystrophy Organization (mostly)


1909 Hans Steinert gives first clear clinical Description of Myotonic Dystrophy

1911 Cataracts are linked to Myotonic Dystrophy, indicating that systems others than muscles are involved

1918 Myotonic Dystrophy is shown to be of heriditary

1944 Researchers find that the heart is affected

1948 Researchers determine that only one parent is involved in passing on the defective gene

1960 Congential Mytotonic Dystrophy is described

1971 Researchers find that the myotonic gene is inherited with two other genes

1982 Flawed gene is isolated on Chromosome 19

1991 Flawed Gene is further narrowed on Long arm of Chromosone 19

1992 The location of the Flawed gene is found.

1998 Researchers find that fetal cardiac Troponin T excess is produced by the flawed gene, blocking the action of the adult protien for regulation of the heart