National Food Safety Educator's Network (EdNET)

Government agencies responsible for food safety education (the Food and Drug
administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, agencies
of the Department of Health and Human Services; the Food Safety and
Inspection Service, the Cooperative States Research, Education and Extension
Service, and the agriculture Research Service) are working together with
industry, the states, consumer groups, health organizations, and academia
to form a national alliance, or network, for food safety education, called
the National Food Safety Educator's Network (EdNet). The goal of EdNet
is to provide a forum where all parties interested in food safety education
can communicate and share information easily on an ongoing basis.

While there have always been informal contacts between the various groups
and organizations, there has not been a system to connect the myriad of
interested parties. Often it has been the "professional grapevine"
that has connected educators together to exchange information. The concept
of a national alliance, or network was raised at various public forums,
including open discussion of the President's Food Safety Initiative, and
had universally strong support.

EdNet will serve as an umbrella organization to support a network of food
safety educators, to encourage the development and continuation of food
safety education programs, and to facilitate communication between the
interested parties. Using the internet as a primary mode of contact,
communication will be easier, quicker and more extensive than has been
possible in the past. To begin, EdNet will be a direct mail (e-mail)
communication from the federal government to subscribers.

To join the Network, EdNet, send your name, email and phone
number, by email to: OR

Please be sure to state whether your interest is primarily:
Consumer/Health professional OR Retail/Food service education.



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