Petty Officer Alexander is presently assigned to SUBRON SIX pending Medical Disqual-
ification from submarine duty. He presently is acting as an assistant to the
Engineering/Material staff of COMSUBRON SIX.

Petty Officer Alexander is a reliable, concientious Petty Officer with superior
organizational capabilities. While acting as an assistant to the Squadron Material Officer
he was responsible for the daily routine clerical work support of the staff, operation
of the transportation pool and the coordination of outside activity support services.
Since Submarine Squadron SIX does not have a permanently attached tender while
USS L. Y. Spear is undergoing overhaul, supporting the material condition of the ships
has been difficult, requiring flexibility and perseverance. In this respect, Petty Officer
Alexander's performance has been superior. Despite the time required to handle the daily
office routine,Alexander has been extremely valuable in pursuing needed assistance for
other intermediate or depot level maintenance activities. When charged with achieving
support for a ship, his research and pursuit of the needed assistance has been exceptional.
He requires no supervision other than explaining the desired goal and can be relied
upon to achieve it in a timely manner. Petty Officer Alexander's separation for medical
reasons is a loss for the Navy. He clearly displays the technical and administrative
skills necessary for progression to higher rates and would no doubt develop into a
superior senior petty officer. His appearance, verbal and written communication
abilities and observance of the equal opportunities programs are superior to most
of his contemporaries.

the above paragraph is a transcription of my 77FEB24-77NOV21 eval from Commodore Smith - I was discharged 77NOV23

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