Times Change

Did you know the Time itself was changed?

Today is September 14, 1752 in America and Britain,

but yesterday was September 2, 1752



MARCH 25, 1752


- which was Passover...

and you were worried about the year 2000 problem? Get a life...

When the Gregorian calendar was enforced by the rulers of the Earth,

our lives were irrevocably synchronized with the planetary orbits. But the

Church refused to alter the Movable Feasts, so we still have Easter on

the Sunday following the first full moon occuring on or after what had

been Passover when the decision was made to change the calendar: March 21st.

The Julian Calendar, as used after Rome fell, was pretty strange by modern

standards. Newyears Day floated all over the place, whereas now it is always

December 21 - yes, it's not January 1st, since Newyears Day is the day when

the days stop getting shorter (meaning that Year was leaving us to Dark),

and begin getting longer (meaning that we were lucky enough to have gotten the

Year to stay and begin increasing the length of days for another few months.)

Of course we're all taught to call that day the first day of Winter, and the day

one week after Christmas is called Newyears Day - but that's not quite right.

I've provided you with a table, explaining the whole schedule until the Millennium (1/1/2001):

A Century of Easters

See how long until the Millennium (1/1/2001), in days, hour, seconds, and milliseconds:

How long till the Millennium

If you want a LOT of detail about the calendar, feel free to read the Cornell FAQ on calendars:

USENET sci.astro FAQ

If you want a LOT of detail about the recording time, feel free to brouse the ISO 8601 page.

If you want to know about Blue Moons, go for it!

Ronald C. Alexander, E.E.

Submariner Emeritus, and

Highland Clansman - U.S.A.


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